Students are learning about the world from their homes, from the community, classrooms, peer groups, media, and multiple other sources of information. Social Learning Theories tell us that learning can be shaped by the environment that we dwell in and the information we consume. In a constantly changing world, values are often the first casualty. In such an environment, for children to be prepared to handle the challenges of a fast changing world, holistic growth is critical. Students of Jimp Pioneer School attempted to contribute to this holistic learning process – so that our Students of today become aware, responsible and confident young citizens of tomorrow, through Dainik Jagran, Sanskarshala.

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Celebration of 2nd International Day of Yoga, 2016

The 2nd  International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2016 to bring peace, harmony, happiness and success to every student of Jimp Pioneer School. This was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of discipline. Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that needs to be carried every day. Children got the chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind and body. The students of classes VI – XII with the teachers performed Yoga between 7:00 am and 7:45 am. Different yoga postures like Bhujangasana, Shashankaasana, Vrikshasana, Uttaanaasana, Bhadrasana, Trikonaasana, Pawana Muktaasana, finally ended with Pranayama and meditation. Prayers were recited before and after the programme. Heartfelt thanks to our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi for giving an opportunity for schools to celebrate the International Yoga Day. The school is also thankful to CBSE for initiating this under them, also for inculcating Yoga as a part of the syllabus.


After meditation, the students of Jimp Pioneer School told that they enjoyed every Aasana  of the yoga. The asana part taught by Physical Education Teacher  was amazing. Each asana was clearly explained, from the warm up, steps, alignment, variations to counter poses.

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